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How to merge two Excel tables

Excel is powerful and helpful in carrying out documentation and analysis. The spreadsheet contains some rows and columns. However, Excel tables describe the arrangement of data in columns and rows.

Considerably, two more data groups can be combined into a single unified set, as discussed below.


Use of Power Query

Power Query is a technology on data connection that enables one to discover, combine and connect data sources to meet your data analysis.

1. Go to the Data tab on the left top of your computer

2. Click on the Get data option in the Get and Transform Data group section on the top right.

3. Once you click on the Get data option, several other options are displayed. Take the From Other Sources option.

4. From the Other Sources option will display its options, Select the Blank Query.

5. In the Query editor, type the "=Excel.CurrentWorkbook()" formula in the formula bar. Use the exact formula as mentioned.

6. Click the Enter key. All the table names in the worksheet will be displayed. It shows all connections and named ranges in case they are available.

7. In the name header, click on the drop-down icon to select the tables you want to combine.

8. Click on the double-pointed arrows in the content header cell.

9. Select the columns that need to be combined. Select All Columns in the case where all columns need to be combined.

10. Use the original column name as 'Prefix option.

11. Finalize by clicking "OK."

The Power Query method easily combines the data from all the worksheets into one single table. Power Query is considered in merging tables with different sizes and columns, as it saves a lot of time.


Use of Kutools

1. Enable the tool by clicking on Kutools Plus, then Tables Merge.

2. Choose the main table and check on the ranges in the Tables Merge dialog.

3. Click Next to get to the next step of the Table Merge dialog, then select the column you want to look up.

4. Select the column data you want to add to the main table.

5. Finally, click on "Finish" to update the content in the main table.

However, it helps combine the Excel tables easily. It also merges cells without losing data.

Use of Merge Tables Wizard

1. On the Ablebits Data tab, click the Merge Two Tables button after selecting any cell within the main table.

2. Click "Next" after ensuring the ad is getting the right range

3. Choose the lookup table and then click on "Next."

4. Specify the columns to be matched, for example, the product and the price. Then click on the Next option.

5. Click "Next" after selecting the columns to be added to the main table.

6. Inform the wizard how you want the tables to be exactly merged. Click on the question mark next to it if you are not sure about the option. A diagram with samples on how the tables are to be merged appears.

7. Then click on "Finish."

8. Give some time to the wizard for processing and review the results.



The Wizard process is essential as the wizard allows you to filter new and matching rows easily.

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