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How to Freeze Selected Rows in Excel

Excel is a spreadsheet program that helps us manipulate data in cells. A cell is an intersection between a row and a column. A row in excel is a horizontal arrangement of cells.
Columns on the other hand are vertical arrangements of cells. A single entry page of cells is called a worksheet. Worksheets are labeled with tabs and are by default Worksheets contain related data. Many worksheets can exist in an excel document. Each worksheet can contain too much data that even flows beyond on-page. IF we needed to view the rest of the data we would have to scroll down the worksheet using the vertical scroll bars at the sides of the excel document. Doing this scrolls all the content from the first row to the rows that we intend to arrive at. However, sometimes we might not desire such phenomena. For example, we might wish to have the top most rows have headers of different columns and restrict these column headers from scrolling for better visualization of data. To do this we are left with the alternative of freezing the row that we want to keep visible at all times during scrolling activity. This is usually very useful when data values are to be compared with the rest of them as you can free certain rows and navigate to a particular row situated too much below and ease. These collections of worksheets form a workbook. Freezing of rows in Excel is thus done to keep certain rows visible while everything else on the worksheet scrolls. One can thus freeze selected rows, the top row or even a column respectively. To freeze selected rows in excel please follow the following procedure:

How to freeze selected rows


Step 1: If you are using the Windows operating system, press the Windows button or use your mouse to click the start button.

This displays a list of programs that are installed on your computer. If you have installed only one version of MS office say MS OFFICE 2010 then MS excel 2010 should be among the applications listed.

In most cases, a search pane is also visible when the windows or start button is pressed or clicked. The search pane enables users to perform a search operation instead of manually searching through the list of listed programs.

Step 2: Search for the word by typing the word "EXCEL" in the search bar or pane and choosing the icon for MS Excel.

The more you type in the search bar the word excel, the more the option becomes prioritized according to the criteria of the search name. For those using Windows 8 and above make sure that the search selection is on the app's search option to display applications.

From the list of applications try to find the excel version that holds your excel work for those who may have different versions of MS office.

Step 3: Click on the Excel icon. It should have a corresponding name: "Microsoft excel [year]" and wait for it to load.

Step 4: Navigate to the File tab button and click recently for those using MS word 2010 and higher versions.

Select your work of choice by clicking on it. You can also use the open option in other versions like MS word 2007.

Step 5: After the click, the first worksheet will be loaded. Select the rows you want to freeze.

This is done by taking the cursor to the left-most side of the rows you want to highlight.

The rows that are to be frozen are those just above the lastly selected row. For example to freeze all the top first ten rows, select the eleventh row. In my case, I have selected the first three so that the first two rows can be frozen.

Step 6: Click the View tab on the Excel ribbon located at the top.

Step 7: Then navigate to the window group of command icons and select the freeze panes command.

This is realized after clicking the View tab on the ribbon. Now you can scroll throughout the worksheet without the freeze rows moving. Only these rows that freeze remain in their fixed position while other rows scroll up and down.

You will notice that the rows that you freeze remain visible or fixed even when scrolling down the entire worksheet. For example in our case below, we can see that the first two rows do not scroll with the rest of the worksheet.