How to change excel from read only

Having done all required in your excel file and content to have everything on board, excel must provide an excellent feature called the read-only. The read-only helps marks the excel file final and helps people not make accidental changes to a file.

The excel file that is marked final will display on the top "MARKED AS FINAL" or "READ ONLY" of the workbook. When an Excel file is marked as final, the features of editing, typing, commands, and proofing marks are disabled and turn off. This feature gives trouble to new Excel users since one cannot do anything on this file unless the read-only is removed.

These are the simple step in which you can change the read-only or Marked as Final.


1. Open the intended excel file

2. Thee Excel file may be  marked as final or read-only on the top of the workbook


3. It is simple, click the Edit Anyway, and your document is good to go.

4. Some excel documents may, however, be restricted by a modified password; you will be prompted to enter a password for the write access or open the excel file as read-only.

5. To open and get access to a restricted Excel file, you need to open it as read-only or enter the right password. In case the file gets opened in read-only, changes done on it won't either be

6. In the same location nor the same file name. However, it will still be saved but in a different name file, and location.

7. If the file attributes to Read-only, It may not display, so after noticing this when saving, it will display a similar text box.

8. Click "ok."

9. This will take you to the "save as," where you will now save the file using a different name, and thus the changes will be made.

10. And this is how it will display:

If you click Read-only, you are required to change file location and name.

A password should be entered for easy access for Excel files as it disables the read-only in Excel. If you no longer need the read-only restrict password, follow the steps to remove it from the Excel file.

1. Open the file and the initial read-only password

2. Select General Options after clicking on File, Save As, Browse, then Tools.

3. Modify the password by deleting the password in the text box.

4. Save the changes

What if, at one point, you forget the password? What will happen? Can you have a solution to it??

Yes. But How?? This is it:

1. Download and install a Cocosenor Workbook Unprotect Tuner tool on the computer.

2. Click on the 'Open button to open the Workbook Unprotect Tuner, import the program by selecting the Excel file.

3. Click on the Remove Password button.

4. A notification stating that the read-only password has been removed appears after 2 seconds.

After doing this, go to where the file was saved, and you will find a file with the same but unprotected and the read-only is disabled. You can now delete the old file.