How to copy an entire row in excel to another worksheet

In excel, you can move or copy entire rows to the destined sheets. (From the source sheet). You can copy entire rows automatically with automatic workflow.

Steps on how to copy an entire row to another worksheet.

1. Select the row you intend to copy to another worksheet. (You can do this by holding down the shift key and selecting a range of rows) if you want separate rows, you can hold down the CTRL key and select rows separately by clicking them.ON the left side of the sheet grid, the rows will be numbered. Selecting the parent rows, all the children rows will be copied, which means you have to delete them on the other sheet if you don't need them

2. After Right-clicking on the highlighted section, choose COPY to copy to another sheet.

3. Within the sheet, the picker locates and picks your target sheet.

4. Right-click on the new sheet and click paste. Choose the ideal paste option for your data

Cell information from all rows in the source sheet will be copied at the new worksheet's bottom. This will not alter or affect the rows in the source sheet. For columns, this won't work, but they can be re-created when you move several rows.

Copy rows to the destined sheet based on column criteria.

You can easily filter out rows within a column and copy them to a new worksheet manually. Follow these steps.

1. Select the column which you want to copy rows based on and then Data > filter.

2. Select the arrow beside the selected column headers, and then you can check the name of cells you want, and cell data will indicate it. (in the drop-down list)

3. After specified rows are filtered, copy the records.

4. Come up with a new sheet by clicking the cross sign. Sometimes you can use the text both with a flower icon in the sheet tab bar.

5. Paste the records to the new sheets.

6. Repeat 2 and 5 to copy other rows in the new sheet.

7. You should see all the records well copied if not re-do the steps.