How to freeze first four columns in Excel

We mentioned in our previous tutorials that excel contains a multiplicity of columns and rows. While working, you will scroll and navigate through the various columns. However, some. Columns may contain important data that you wish to be looking at while performing other tasks. As such, there is a need to freeze such columns so that they will not move even when the rest of the columns are moving.

Excel gives room for users to freeze the first column, multiple columns as well as rows.

How to freeze the first column

When you freeze the first column, you will notice it all the time, and it will not move even when you navigate the excel spreadsheet from left to right.

This first column, in this case, refers to the first column on the spreadsheet, not minding where the data starts. Follow the steps below to freeze the first column.

1. Firstly, identify and select the worksheet.

2. Look up the window for the "View tab".

3. Proceed by clicking "Freeze Panes".

4. Select "freeze the first column"

Viola! Your first column will not move, and you now see it while navigating across the excel spreadsheet.

There is a shortcut for freezing the first column. You can use it to apply the "first column freezing option" within a blink.

'Press "ALT + W + F + C"

How to freeze multiple columns

Excel allows you to freeze several columns, and the procedure is similar to freezing the first column.

You can quickly freeze multiple columns by using this shortcut:

(ALT + W + F + F)

Now, let's see what we can do that from the ribbon tabs:

1. Firstly, you should be sure of the number of columns to freeze. In this example, we will freeze the first four columns.

2. Place your cursor in the fifth column.

3. Check the spreadsheet window and click the "View tab."

4. Proceed by clicking, "Freeze panes."

5. Finally, select "Freeze Panes under that."

The first four columns will now freeze, and a gray line will show, indicating that the columns are frozen.