How to Insert and Delete Comments in Excel

Comments are quite useful in Excel, especially when inserting formulas, and there is a need to specify what the formula does and what a cell value means. It is also important to add comments when collaborating with others for their reference. This tutorial shows you how to add comments, edit, and delete them in Excel.

Inserting Comments to Excel using the Keyboard Shortcut

Use the simple steps below

  • Press on SHIFT + F2 in Windows
  • Press Command + F2 on Mac

Using these shortcuts, you can then insert a comment in the following way

1. Select the cell that you want to insert the comment

2. Press the Shift Key/ Command Key depending on whether you are using Windows or Mac

3. Press F2 Key

A comment is instantly added to the cell you have selected. Hit the Escape Key to make a comment you have entered and be saved in the cell. You can also use the above method to select a range of cells, but a comment would only be inserted into the active cells. Using this shortcut method, you can apply these steps also;

1. Right-click on the cell that you want to insert a comment

2. Select the New Comment/ New Note option

In case you want all the comments or notes to show, follow these simple steps;

1. Click on the Review Tab

2. Go to Comments and select Show all comments

3. If you click on it again, the comments are hidden.

For Office 365, click on Notes>Show all Notes

How to Delete Comments in Excel

If you want to delete comments in a selection, use the shortcut or ribbon option method. To delete the comment from all the worksheets simultaneously, use VBA.

Deleting Comments from a selected Range or the Whole Worksheet

Follow these simple steps to delete all the comments

1. Right-click anywhere in the cells you have selected

2. Select the Delete Comment/ Delete Note option

Removing comments from the whole worksheet entails that you do the following;

1. Select the whole worksheet by pressing Ctrl+ A

2. Go to the Home Tab

3. Select the Editing Group and click Clear

4. Select Clear Comments

How to Delete Comments from All the Worksheets at a go

Deleting comments of the entire worksheet one at a time can be tiresome if you have many sheets. In this case, you can use the VBA code to do all the work at once. Use the following code; ws. Cells.ClearComments: Next ws

Microsoft has renamed comments to notes on Office365; thus, the following VBA code can be used; ws. Cells.ClearNotes: Next ws

The following steps are used to delete comments using the above code

1. Right-click on the Worksheet

2. Select View Code and open the VB Editor. Otherwise, you can press Alt+ F11.

3. Click on the View Option followed by Immediate Window

4. Copy and Paste the VBA code

5. Position the Cursor at the end of the line

6. Press Enter