How to make Excel Cells bigger

It is challenging to work with a poor0formatted spread/worksheet. For example, the cells may be too large or too small in terms of how many decimal places a value may have, or generally the length of the value. This hinders you from seeing the entire value, hence making your work null. There is, therefore, a need to improve the formatting of your work in Microsoft Excel. This includes making excel cells bigger in your worksheet. This article gives you ways you can use to increase the size of cells in your spreadsheet in Excel. You can do this by using either the "Merge and Center" feature or generally increasing the cell size of all cells in rows or columns in your worksheet.

Merge Cells to Increase the size of a single cell.

1. Select and highlight the particular cell you want to increase in size and also the cells you want to merge with the latter cell.

2. Click on Home Tab.

3. Click on 'Alignment'>Merger Center

Click the alignment button of the Home tab. This changes the alignment of the cells.

Your cells have been successfully enlarged and aligned on the side you desire, either to the right or left.

Dragging Column or Row in order to Increase cell size.

1.. Move the cursor over the boundary line on the right side of your column. Do this until an arrow with a double line appears over the boundary line. This will help You increase the column width or row.

2. Click and drag the column or row in the direction you want to increase i.e; right or left, bottom or up.

3. Finally release the mouse to set the size of the column or row. Once this is done, the cells in the row or column will be bigger as desired.

4. Generally, follow the following simple steps.

5. Select the row you want to change.

6. Go to the Home Tab and click Format under the Cells Group.

7. Click Cell size then Row Height.

8. In this Row Height box, type the value that you want to be the size of your cells

9. Click OK

Shrinking Cells.

Follow the simple steps below.

1. Highlight the cells you want to shrink.

2. Go to the Home tab.

3. Click on the small icon which is at the lower right corner of the number group.

4. Select the alignment tab. Select 'Shrink to Fit' and then press OK.

How to shrink a cell using a shortcut

1. Select the cell you want to decrease in size.

2. Press [CTRL] 1

3. Select Shrink to Fit

4. Click OK

How to make Excel Cells bigger Automatically using Fit to data

1. Click on the select all icon (You can also select all using the Ctrl+A shortcut)

2. Double click on a boundary to make all the cells fit the data

You do it manually by setting the row and height. You can also use the Auto-fit options available in excel. All these simple steps come in handy when ensuring the size of cells in your worksheet is resized in order to fit into your spreadsheet and make it neater or easy for viewing.