How to prevent Excel from rounding off numbers

Microsoft has designed excel in a way that will be efficient and easy to use for its users. However, some of the features of Excel can be counterproductive and thus reducing its efficiency. Rounding off large numbers is one of these features that are times counterproductive. When dealing with large numbers on excel cells, excel decides to round off the number hence not displaying the exact number inputted. This may be brought about by issues like; the number inputted is too large to be accommodated by the cell's width and the cell formatted nature of rounding off large numbers.

To stop excel from rounding off numbers is possible and can be achieved by altering the cell's settings. Let us now discuss the procedure to be followed in doing this.


1. Open the excel

Double click the Excel app icon, which resembles a green with a white "X" on it. And then, open either a new document or an existing document on your device that you want to change the cell setting.

2. Input your large numbers

On the blank screen of excel, choose and select any blank cell to input the number. Within the cell, input the number of any length and click anywhere outside the cell to save the cell's data. As expected, Excel will automatically convert the large number into a smaller rounded-off number. Now it's upon the user to alter the settings to regain the original large number.

3. Click the cell

Click the cell that contains the rounded-off number. Then, right-click to access the cell's side setting.

4. Click the Format cells button

On the side setting, locate and click on the format cells button. This is where the entire cell's setting and other cell features are contained.

5. Tap the number tab

On the format cells screen, locate and tap the number bar on the top leftmost most of the screen. And then, select the number button on the left side of the page.

6. Change the decimal places figures

If you're working with data that contains decimal places, click the up or down button next to "Decimal places" and then adjust/increase the decimal place figures according to your data. Then, click "OK" to save changes. Otherwise, if you're working with large whole numbers, you can alter the cell settings by only clicking the "OK" button without altering with any other setting on this screen.

Your data on the selected cell will be converted to its original format by clicking the OK button.

Also, once you've changed the data on that cell, all the cells found in the same column will be formatted. Thus, you can enter large numbers on that column without having to change the cell setting. This makes it easier and more efficient for the user to input large numbers on the same column.