How To Put Pictures Behind Cells In Excel

Using Background Function

The Background function allows you to insert images in cells of an active worksheet. To do this, you can use the following steps:

1. Click on the Page Layout and select the Background option. An Insert Pictures dialog box will pop up.

2. Click the Browse button next to From a file, then select a picture you want to set as background from a folder in the Sheet Background dialog box.

3. Click Insert to see the image behind the cells.

If you want to delete the picture, click Page Layout and select Delete Background.

Using Kutools For Excel To Insert Picture Behind Cells

With more than 300 handy functions, Kutools for Excel allows you to solve several problems and increase probability. For instance, it helps you insert a picture as a watermark placed behind data cells. You must install it if you don't have Kutools for Excel. After installing, you can follow these steps to insert a background image:

1. Click on Kutools and select Insert from the ribbon.

2. From the drop-down menu, select Insert Watermark.

3. A new Insert Watermark dialog box will emerge. Choose insert picture watermark from folder or text watermark with formatting.

4. Click Apply or Ok and insert a background image.

If you want to remove the picture, click Kutools > Delete > Delete Watermark.

Advantages of using Kutools;

  • It contains more than 300 powerful functions that support Excel 2007, 2019, and 365.
  • It helps you to insert complex formulas, charts, and other programs quickly.
  • It edits multiple lines of text and formulas easily.
  • Merges cells without losing data.

Using Pictures Option

This method inserts an image directly into an excel file.


1.  Go to the Insert tab.

2. Click on the drop-down arrow on the Illustrations menu.

3. Choose Pictures and select This Device from the menu.

4. A new Insert Picture window will emerge. Select an image and click Insert. You will see the image inserted.

5. You can position the image correctly by dragging and resizing it.

6. The steps will not also set the image within the cell. To set the image with the cell, select the image and right-click on it.

7. From the new drop-down menu, select Format Picture.

8. Go to the Format Picture properties and mark the Move and size with cells option. The step allows the image to change with any changes made to the cell.

Add Shapes to Insert a Picture Behind the Text in Excel

In this method, you can add shapes first before inserting a picture. The only advantage of the method is that you do not need to set the image with cells since Excel will do it by default.


1. Go to the Insert.

2. Select Illustrations.

3. Select Shapes.

4. Choose any shape you want to use.

5. Draw a rectangular in any cell you want to insert the picture.

6. Select an image as Fill.

7. Go to Shape Format.

8. Select Shape Fill and choose Pictures from the drop-down list.

9. Select From a File to insert an image from your computer.

10. Select an image and click Insert on the Insert Picture window.

11. Position the image in the correct place by Dragging and resizing.

Aligning Images

One Image


1. Select the image you want to align.

2. Click the Format tab and then the Align button.

3. Enable Snap to Grid. The image snaps to the borders of nearby cells as you drag it around the document. The option "Snap to Shape" makes the image "snap" to the border of any other shape in the document, such as other images, charts, or SmartArt.

Aligning Multiple Images

For multiple images, use the "Align" drop-down menu to align the images relative to each other, centering them all or aligning their edges to each other. You can align them horizontally by selecting the Align Left, Center, or Right options. You can also align them vertically by selecting Align Top, Middle, or Bottom options. You can still use the Snap to Grid and Snap to Shape options with multiple images selected.