How to write ½ in Excel

Sometimes we may have a lot of experience in using our computer, especially the excel app yet there are things yet that we have not learned. Simple as they may appear, they remain to be trouble and difficult when we reach a point where we need to use them

Method 1

You can use this procedure to display fraction format or actual numbers instead of decimals.

1. Choose the cell that you desire to format.

2. On the top left of your window is the Home tab, tap it and click on the dialog box launcher just next to the option number.

3. Click Fraction in the category list.

4. Click the fraction type you want to use on the Type list.

The number of the selected active cell in the worksheet will display in the sample box for you to preview and choose the desired format option.

Method 2

Every symbol in Excel has is attached with a unique code that can be used to insert symbols. For those using Windows, Alt code can be used combined with other keys to produce half. Below is how you can use alt to give half.

1. For those who are using windows, on your keyboard press the Num lock key to activate the numeric keypad.

2. Hold the alt key and type 0189 using the numeric keypad.

3. After typing the number release the alt code that you had pressed down.

4. For Mac Users, you will press Option + 00BD

Method 3


  • This method will require an internet connection to Google the symbol you need to type.
  • Copy it from the search results you have found.

  • Once you have the symbol in excel you can recopy it to whatever you desire.
  • Another good way that you can use windows to copy this involves the use windows character Map.

Character map

Follow the simple steps below to copy and paste any kind of symbol using the character map.

1. On the start button, click and search for the character map app.

2. The result of your search will be displayed. Click on the character map app and launch it.

3. The character map window will open up. To expand windows for more options click on the advance view checkbox.

4. Type to search one half on the advance view section. The symbol you have searched will appear

On character map.

5. Double-tap to select it. Notice that symbols appear in the character to copy the text box.

This will allow you to select and copy numerous symbols at the same time.

6. After selecting the half symbol, click on the copy button.

7. Switch over to excel and use the half symbol whereas desired you will only be pressing the paste command, Ctrl + V to paste.

Typing in excel becomes very difficult for you if you need to add some of these symbols like half regularly into your work. But it doesn't have to be difficult. Especially now that you have read this step-to-step guide.