Nested If and Vlookup Function

If formula can be used together with VLookup formula to return an exact match of values and an empty string if the value is not found. The combination of these formulas makes excel tasks more effective.

Example: Look for a commission using the Vlookup function

Calculate Bonus by getting a product of total and commission.

Working with Logical formulas

The logical formula will test if a certain condition is achieved and returns a true or false answer.

Example: If the sales exceed a goal of 15%.

Autofill the formula to the rest of the cells

Combined IF and VLOOKUP

If statement can be combined together with Vlookup to return a certain value.

In the above statement, we looked at Cell A5 whether has the name Nikkol and if that's true it returns "Y" otherwise returns "N".

IF with Nested VLOOKUP

From this example, we will get the hourly rate. The first Vlookup is going to look for the position and add another Vlookup for the department.

Nested Vlookup

When selecting the column index number, from our employee's table we have 3 columns but from years employed, it's on 4th column. Therefore we get the cell with the colum_index_num+1. Press enter.