Best uses of Microsoft excel

Excel. Probabilities are, the utterance of the term alone brings the memory of extensive use of spreadsheets, incomprehensible macros, and not to mention periodic use of its features such as pivot tables and graphs. It is inclusive, to say the least, as many globally use it in daily activities when faced with extensive data. However, if you believe that excel is only essential when it comes to numerical and finance applications, then you need to open your mind. Here are just a few compilations of Microsoft Excel's best uses.


1. It helps in data analysis and storage: one of the core functions of excel is its ability to analyze big data that leads to the discovery of new trends in several applications. What's more, data storage is made possible and can be done more systematically so that it becomes easier to access hence saving you time.

2. Used in accounting purposes: excel is a software program devised to meet several accounting requirements like creating financial accounts, forecasts, budget proposals, and additionally more. Moreover, it constitutes of in-built templates designed to make the required procedure even simpler.

3. It helps in plan making: when you utter the word excel, for many, what usually comes to mind is anything number related. However, that is not true as excel is capable of helping in planning procedures that do not consider the use of numerical. For instance, when you create schedules for your classwork or a daily one regarding activities you plan on performing or even another one detailing your goals.

4. It improves the elegance of data presented: the program helps add classiness to your data presentation since it has several features that help in modifying your data. For this reason, when offering data, it helps capture your audience's attention as compared to plain data.

5. Used in business in forecasting potential plans: Using graphs to portray your data helps discover trends that otherwise cannot be located in raw data. Moreover, it is applicable not only in identifying different patterns displayed and analyzing them but also making the job easier, which is vital in businesses.

6. It employs the use of mathematical formulae: nothing is complicated like solving complex math-related problems manually. However, when using excel, there are available formulas that help in operations such as summing and averaging big data hence making the processes easier.

7. Used in binding data in one specific spot: all the data scattered in several files and unidentified documents can be put in one position in excel. What's more, it is also easy to import several graphics to a spreadsheet together with data hence enabling one to obtain any information with much ease in the created file.

8. Used in online applications: The online availability of the program in the form of Microsoft's Office 365 has been one of the ways that have increased its greatness. Many such as business persons and employees can access it through various technological devices. What's more, those in remote areas are not left out.

9. Used for data entry: one primary function of excel is its use for data entry, which can be done in approximately over a million rows and sixteen thousand columns. Therefore, this is a massive advantage and can only be constrained by your computer memory.

10. Used to offer data security: to store your data in particular software, one always needs the assurance that all of their information is under protection. Excel provides security to its saved files, and even the creation of a password is possible within the program hence making it more trusted software.