Best excel password recovery software

Though there are many attempts to have the best excel recovery software on the web, here we only review the best. Many developers are trying to market their software by labeling them to be the best, even though they are not the best. For that reason, there is a need for thorough research like the one we have done to give you the best in the market, which is secure, economical, and efficient for use.

Excel Recovery software

1. Passper for excel; this is the best software that is capable of generating the original password entered without necessarily involving so many procedures. It also does not lose any data in the process of recovery. The software supports Windows 10, 8.1. 8, and 7. However, the software has high-priority recovery methods that provide a 95% recovery rate within the lowest time possible.

2. Passfab for excel; the software is straightforward to understand, and it can be downloaded for a free trial. Though there are options for subscription depending on the package provided to customers, it unlocks all the MS Excel files, and it works well on a computer with more than 1 GB ram and high processing power.

3. Rixler excels in password recovery master; this is the most famous tool used by many people due to its ability to crack a password for files that are locked. The software can be purchased for commercial purposes based on personal licenses. It supports versions like 2000, XP, 97, and 2003. With only one click, one can recover multiple passwords, and it supports many languages.

4. iSunshare Excel Password Genius; tends to recover the forgotten passwords for the excel sheets. iSunshare supports MS excel of all versions, thus giving it the basics for the recovery process. The software supports the AMD processors, and it has four options for recovery, which include mask, normal, smart, and dictionary.

5. Asunsoft Excel Password Geeker; this software works on a multiprocessor system that ensures a 100% success rate of password recovery. Though it uses almost the same fundamental four basics of unlocking options, its dictionary can be personalized for its use.

6. eSoft Tools Excel Password Recovery; it only works best when given a hint of the password by the user. It cost $19, and it can also be downloaded for a free trial.

7. Accent Excel Password Recovery; if you need a quick recovery for your computer, this is the best software to use as it uses the most fundamental attacks like a dictionary, brute force, and mask to execute the task.

8. InFixi Excel Password Unlocker; the software has exclusive features that enable it to unlock the excel files efficiently. It can support large numbers, shut down pc, and make a unique version that works perfectly for the recovery process.

9. Stellar phoenix excel password recovery; the software has a brute force supported by the spreadsheets and workbooks to open and modify the excel password.

10. CrackIt; this might seem to be the oldest password cracker but still the best. It is more accurate on windows 10 and executable without being installed on the computer.