Different Ways to Flip the Data in Excel: Reverse the Data Columns and Rows

The reverse order. Flipping the data sounds like a quick and easy task, but surprisingly there is no such built-in option. At some point, you need to reverse the data order in a column arranged alphabetically or from the smallest to the largest; you will use the Excel feature.

How to flip a column in Excel


1. Addition of helper column

You can add a helper column right next to the column; you need to "flip and populate" the column with a sequence of numbers, beginning with 1. It shows how to have it done automatically.

2. Sorting columns

Using descending order, sort the column of numbers. Choose any cell in the "helper column," go to the
data tab > sort & filter
group, and click the Sort Largest to Smallest button. That is the ZA.

The screen would display the items in the original column as they are arranged, but the numbering will change in descending order on the helper column.

How to "fill a column" with serial numbers

The fastest way you can populate a column with a sequence of numbers is by the Excel AutoFill features.


1. Type 1 into the 1st and 2 in the 2nd cells.

Using your Caesar, double click on the helper column for the autofill of the column with numbers.

2. Cell selection

Select the cells in which you have just entered the numbers and double click the lower right corner of the section.

The Excel will autofill the column with serial numbers up to the last cell with data in the adjacent column.

How you can "flip rows" in Excel

Since there is no option to sort rows in Excel, it will need you first to change the rows into columns and then transpose the table back.


1. Use the paste special > transpose feature to convert columns into rows. As a result, your table will transform.

2. Use a helper with the number for the first example, and then sort by the helper column. Your intermediate result will display.

3. Use paste special > transpose one more time to rotate your table back in the original before the reverse.

If the source data has formulas, they may be Brocken during the transported operation. Therefore, you need to restore the formulas manually. Alternatively, you can use the "flip tool" included in the ultimate suit, and it will automatically adjust all the references for you.

Flip data in rows using "Ultimate Suite" for Excel

Similarly to flipping columns, you can use the ultimate suit for excel to reverse the order of data in rows. Select a "range of cells" you need to flip, go to the Ablebits Data > transform group, and click Flip > Horizontal Flip.

Select the appropriate options in the horizontal flip dialog window for your data set. In this, you will be working with values, so we choose Paste values and Preserve formatting.

Click the Flip button, and your table will be reversed from left to Right in the blink of an eye.