Excel: How to break links that won't break

Excel is a hub of immense possibilities, and you can carry out a plethora of data analysis by creating functions and formulas. If you keep using these functions for some time, you will end up creating several links between some files. You can easily break the regular links, but some links can be very stubborn. The break link option does not work in this regard. Are you struggling to break some links on your Excel spreadsheet? If yes, this article is for you. Let's go straight to the tutorials on how to break links that won't break.

An efficient method of breaking links

As a regular Excel user, you may work on multiple files, which will lead to several links in your final file. These links may lead to other files, and you do not wish to keep them. To remove such links, follow the steps below:

1. Check your spreadsheet and locate "Data." Go ahead by clicking "Edit links." At this point, all the links in the file will show up.

2. Locate the link that you wish to remove and click on the "break link option."

3. By so doing, the link to the file will be broken.

4. This is a general solution, but there are cases where the break link option dims out and fails to work. Sometimes, the break link button may work but doesn't break the link. Let's take a look at each of the cases and how to solve them.

When the break link button dims out

Dimming of the break link option button implies that it is no longer functional. This occurs if you protect either the sheet or workbook. To solve this, you must remove the protection on the workbook and the sheet.

Navigate to "Review" and locate the button "unprotected sheet." Click it.

It is likely that the sheet was protected with a password, so you need to type the password. The link will start working immediately after you remove the protection in the sheet.

This is a very regular case, and this guide can serve as your hope of last resort. I hope this tutorial was helpful. Please share it with friends.