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How to change excel info PDF

1. Open your workbook.

2. Go files tab and click Save As.

3. Select browse.

4. Select PDF from the drop-down list.

5. Go to options.

6. Here, you have to choose the whole workbook, active sheet, or a selection.

7. click OK or hit enter and then click save or hit enter the second time.


In adobe acrobat ribbon in Microsoft, these steps to convert excel file into PDF

You can easily convert excel active sheets or workbooks into pdf, whether you are an excel expert or a beginner, easily if you have an adobe acrobat ribbon built-in within Microsoft 365.

1. Click the file you want and open it with Microsoft Excel.

2. In windows, click the acrobat tab and then select Create PDF.

3. On Mac OS, click create and share Adobe PDF icon and then go to step 4.

4. Protect your work (no one will be allowed to edit the document without your permission.) select Restricting editing within the dialog box.

5. Click Save As a new PDF file, create or move the exported file to the folder. Navigate to the right folder and rename your file and click save.


You are using the E-mail attachment on your quick access bar.

It is effective when it comes to sending your e-mail to a friend or yourself.


Steps to follow when you are using E-mail as a PDF attachment quick access.

1. Right-click on the quick access tab and then select customize quick access Toolbar.

2. Click all commands.

3. Navigate down the list and click E-mail as a PDF attachment.

4. click add button to add commands to your selection and quick access toolbar commands.

5. Click OK or hit enter. All this will add E-mail as a PDF attachment in your quick access toolbar.

When you click the command, it will convert your work into a PDF and attached ready to send.

Export as PDF.

A lot of people do not see this option, but it is in the File menu. The user can now convert his or her files using the export section.

1. Open the File tab.

2. Open the export tab.

3. Select Create PDF/XPS document and then select Create PDF/XPS button.

4. Select the section (entire workbook, active page) you want to convert to PDF as we did in the first procedure.

Save As PDF.

I the most common way but works all the time.

1. Open the file tab.

2. Click the save a copy section.

3. Click as PDF file type.

4. Then click saves or just hit enter.

Your PDF will be saved next to your excel files. Other ways are using online platforms. Some are free while some you have to give out something. Do not buy this service. You can do this on your own if they are for free go for it but don't buy. Another way is using google drive. You can upload your files to google drive and then download them as pdf. Very effective and efficient, try it sometimes when you are free. Enjoy this procedure. They are quite helpful.