How to graph two lines in Excel

Drawing a graph that comprises two lines in excel is possible. One of the advantages of using excel as your spreadsheet is that you can display two unique data sets. It provides a basis for comparing two things in that they can be plotted on the same plane. This excel tool may be beneficial in many companies and companies involving graph-drawing methods in determining the increase or decrease rate of profit within a specified period.

However, this feature may not be familiar to all excel users. In this article, we shall discuss how one can comfortably draw a two-line graph in excel.

1. Launch the Excel and start a new document

Click on the excel app, and then click the tool tab on the left corner of the page, followed by New to create a new document. Alternatively, use the excel shortcut (Ctrl +N).

2. Input your data on the empty cells

The excel sheet is divided into two parts, i.e., the columns and rows. The first column input the values that will appear on the X-axis (years, month, etc.). The next two columns input the data of the two lines separately on each column.

3. Click on an empty cell

Once all the data of each line are fully set, click on any of the empty cells within the sheet.

4. Click the insert tab

On the ribbon bar, locate and click on the Insert tab. Click on the Line button, which is located within the insert section. And then choose the line graph option. To complete the selection, hit the "Ok" button.

5. Right-click on the blank page displayed

Since no data or values were linked to the graph's insertion, a blank section inside the sheet is displayed. Go ahead and insert the data of each column of the graph. This may be achieved by right-clicking on the blank page. Then, click on the Select Data button.

6. Add Values on the graph

Click the Add option. Set the serial name as the first column's name that contains data that should be plotted on the graph. On the serial values section, highlight all the column values that you saved as the serial name. Click the "ok" button.

Repeat the previous process to add the other line to the graph. By doing so, the two lines will be displayed in the graph section.

7. Add the values on the X-axis

To add the values on the x-axis (years, months, etc.), click on the edit option within the select data screen. Then, highlight all the values you wish to be on this axis and click "ok."

The two lines will be automatically be drawn on the excel screen. You can also edit the lines using the chart tools feature. Go ahead and open the Tools option to save the document for future reference.