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How to remove the last four digits in Excel

 If you deal with massive data on Excel, then there is a chance that you will want to remove some last characters from a dataset. It is a straightforward task if you are working on a few data, but it can become arduous when working on a large dataset.

However, Excel can automate this action using some specializing functions. All you have to do is enter the formula in a particular cell, and the last numbers will be removed from the result. You can then select and copy the formula down so that the last digits can also be removed from other cells in the column.

In this tutorial, we will use the LEFT LENS formula.

=LEFT(Cell, LEN(Cell)-N)

This formula will automatically trim the last digits from the number in an excel spreadsheet. A cell that contains "4567" will be trimmed to "456" if '1' is entered in place of "N" in the LEFT LENS formula.

You can choose to trim one digit or multiple digits. It all depends on what you want. Simply change from "N" to any number of values that you wish to remove.

1. Enter the data that you wish to trim the last digits.

2. Locate the cell where you want your result to be displayed. Click inside the cell.









3. The next step is to enter the formula =LEFT(A1, LEN(A1)-1) in the output cell.

You should change from A1 to the cell where you want your result to display.

4. Hit the enter key, and your result will show up immediately.









f you are handling several data, go ahead and copy the formula and paste in other cells that you want to trim out one digit. In this image, I was working on cells B2 – B9.

Now, we intend to remove the last four digits from the numbers; go ahead and replace "1" in the formula with "4". The formula will now become:

=LEFT(A1, LEN(A1)-4).

Paste the formula in the cell, and the last four digits will be removed from your data.

This formula can also be used to trim the last letters from text.

I hope you understood this tutorial. Kindly share this post with friends. Thanks for reading!