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How to send Bulk Emails using excel

It is possible to send thousands of emails to multiple recipients. To achieve this, a third-party app called Microsoft outlook is used. This method will help you minimize the time required to send emails to the same recipients. Therefore, you need to install this app on your device to send emails to many people. Just like any other advantageous process, sending many emails using excel involves procedure.

Let us know to discuss the steps to be followed when sending emails to multiple recipients. They are:


1. Download and install Outlook Software

As we discussed earlier, this trick relies on a third-party app (Outlook) to be successful. Firstly, go to your Microsoft Store and download this software. Then, please install the application on your device and launch and link it with your email ID. You can then proceed and start using the app.

2. Prepare the content you want to share

Once you've set the Outlook application, prepare the content you want to share. Any Excel software can be used in preparing the content; the word is the most preferred software. There are two factors considered when preparing the content to be shared. Firstly, if one similar mail message is sent to many recipients, the sender may be required to write only one message and link it with the email list. Otherwise, the sender is required to write different emails along with the email address.

3. Set up the outlook application

On the outlook interface, various features need to be altered before sending the emails. Firstly, set the sending option to either send an email, display email, or display-send. If you want to save and send the emails, choose the Display-send button.

Secondly, link the Excel software content with the outlook application using the "add" feature found on the app.

4. Prepare the email list

Write the emails of all recipients and save them on a single excel document. This is to enable you to link it with the content you want to share easily. The email list may also contain the names of the email address holder.

5. Setting the salutation section of the mail messages

Since you are sending many mail messages at a time, it may be tiresome to add the salutation with the recipient's name on every message. Therefore, excel helps to solve this problem has it as the simplest method to go about it. At the top of the mail message you want to share, and then type Dear. Then locate and click on the mailings> insert Merge field and select "name."

To link the mail message with the email list, go to the top bars and click mailings> select recipient, and then select the folder that contains the list of email addresses.

6. Merge and share the mail message

Once you've done customizing the mail message, click on the Finish and merge button found on the top bars. Then share the emails with the recipients by clicking on the "Start merge button."

You can access how the mails are being processed and shared on the outlook interface.