How to Automatically Add 7 Days in Excel

Excel is built with features and functions to make it easy for you. When working with days on our worksheet, we can automatically add any number of days. For example, if you are working within an online bookstore and you must deliver some books to clients after seven days. You can add these seven days automatically with some features and functions.

Here are some of the methods we can use.

Using the FILL SERIES method

1. Our dataset will contain car names, prices, and days of delivery. We need to add seven days to a specific date of the delivery date column. For example, let's use this worksheet. Add the first date. The row with Mercedes Benz should have the first date.

2. We need to change the format of the delivery column. Home>number>the drop-down icon and then select more number format. Follow this path to change the format of the column.

Start with the drop-down icon and select more number formats as shown in the screenshots.

3. A new menu will pop up. Within the category, select the date and, in the TYPE section, choose the date format you want.

And the hit ok.

4. Select all the cells in the column. In the home tab within the editing ribbon, select fill.

Then select series. Home>editing tab>fill>series

Select series.

5. Check columns, date, and day in the new pop-up window. Step value adds 7. And then click ok.

6. If you want to subtract dates in the step value, place -7. It will work backward in matters of days or dates.

The last result.

Adding 7 to the previous number

Let's use our first example.

1. Change the format of the column. As we did the first time, go to HOME>NUMBER>DROP-DOWN ARROW>MORE NUMBER FORMAT.

2. In cell C3, add this formula. =C2+7

The formula will add seven days to the previous date in the C2. When you hit enter, you will get the actual date you are looking for.

Seven days of date will pop up.

3. We have to apply the formula. Take your cursor at the corner of cell C3. When the cursor turns to across sign. (+) Then hold down the mouse and drag it down.

When you drag it down every cell, you selected, apply the formula. There are other formulas and functions in excel we can use to make this work for us. All these processes will ease your work.

Today function

1. Add another column and name it; days remain. The date will be mentioned from today's delivery.

2. In cell D2, ADD the formula. TODAY () +C2.

Then hit enter. It will give you the date.

3. Then, as we did in the previous procedure, let's apply the formula to other cells.

Get the full result by pressing enter to go backward instead of +c2; use -c2. Kutools also can perform this task.