How to calculate the 95 percentile

The handling of data requires numerous manipulations to be done to particular data. You need to find the mean, mode, median, standard deviation, maximum, minimum, and also the percentile of the data in question.

These manipulations can be referred to as mathematical functions and are way too much essential in any data that involves numeric values. These mathematical manipulations once are done make data valid and accurate to use.

When we calculate or get the percentile of any sort of data, means that the value in question if for example is the 90th percentile, the values in that data set are lower than or equal to 90 and the remaining 10 is greater or higher than that amount.

Any of the ninety-nine points that divide an ordered distribution into one hundred parts and each part containing one percent of the population is what is referred to as the percentile. The percentile helps divide the data into smaller units all with value and also gives one the data range.

Below are some of the steps to achieve the 95 percentile of a given data set.

Step 1

The first step is to enter data into an empty excel sheet, open an excel workbook, and record names in one column and marks in the second column as in the case below.

Your excel sheet should look like the one above.

Step 2

In this step we are now going to calculate the 95 percentile, we do this with the help of the PERCENTILE function, one of the functions provided by Excel. We incorporate this function in a formula, the general formula, therefore, will be; =PERCENTILE (B2: B10, 0.95). Since our data set has ten cells, we are going to find the percentile from cell B2 to cell B10. We are using 0.95 because the whole data set is 100% and 95 divided by 100 is 0.95.

From the above scenario, the 95 percentile of this data set is 97.6, this is to means that the majority of the values are lower than or equal to 97.6. The highlighted values are all lower than the percentile.