How to Combine 4 columns in Excel

Combining multiple columns in Excel can be a little tricky. It does not matter whether the version you are using is new or old. In most cases, data in columns on the left will remain the same while the data in other columns will be deleted. In this tutorial, we shall focus on how to combine four columns of data and merge them to become one.

Using the CONCATENATE function

1. We assume that column A, Column B, and Column C contains data that you want to merge.

2. You can use the CONCATENATE function below. Enter it in column D.


3.  Use the empty string symbol " ", to separate the names. So the new formula will be =CONCATENATE(A2," ",B2," ",C2)


4. Right-Click the green rectangle then drag and drop to the remaining cells

By using the clipboard

You can easily lose your data after combining columns, but the use of a clipboard will prevent this. Now let's see how this is done.

1.  Firstly, check the home tab and locate the clipboard. At the bottom right corner of the clipboard, you will find the 'anchor button.' Click the anchor button so that you can enable the clipboard. The anchor button is at the bottom-right right corner of the

2.  Select all the columns that you wish to combine together

3. Press "Ctrl + C keys" to copy. You can also copy from the home tab.

With this, you will copy the columns and list them on the clipboard at once.

4.  Now, locate the blank cell where you wish to copy all the combined columns into. Double the blank cell and copy the items into the clipboard. The items you copied will now fill the active cell.

All the selected cells will be combined and in your selected cell.