How to count cells that contain partial text in Excel

Content that is written on text editors or that we write on the text editors will sometimes include parts of names, objects, or equipment. To contain part of data means the whole data or a segment of the data is included in the document or sheet.

Partial text in the excel sheet is not different from the partial text in other text editors. Partial text may sometimes mean specific text or a segment of the text. The count of the cells that contain partial text will involve the tally of all cells with the part of either a name or an object provided you have specified the part in the formula.

There are a couple of ways to go about this situation. They are discussed below in the form of steps and picture scenarios as follows;

Step 1

Open the data you wish to count the partial text from your computer if you already have the existing excel sheet. In case you are doing it for the first time, open a new excel sheet from your computer or tablet, enter some general data into it and ensure your values contain some part of a certain data, for example, a name appearing twice as in the case shown in the below image.

Step 2

Having everything all set in step one, we are going to establish the count of the cells with a partial text in step two. Counting will involve the use of functions and the use of formulas because we are going to use the automatic count and not the manual count.

The function we will use here is COUNTIF and which we will use it in the formula. The COUNTIF function will calculate or rather count the values if a certain condition is met. The condition will be included in the formula.

The range of cells to get the tally will be from A2 and A5. We will write the formula in the formula bar as follows =COUNTIF (A2: A5,"*John*"). From the formula, the name John is the condition and also the partial text in the data set.


The count of cells with the name John is one from the above scenario.