How to ctrl+ f multiple values in excel

We happen to write a lot of content in the text editors. This content is hard to find one word after the other. It is also tiring to read the script you have read over and over to find words or identify errors. Our aim when writing is to avoid errors but we still make them. We use inappropriate words at times too.

When we need to rectify the inappropriate use of the words or need to replace the words we have to find them in the already written content. Windows operating system and Microsoft Office provide some of the shortcuts to use to save on time.

There are numerous shortcuts provided by the text editors which we use from our keyboards. To find words or values, we use the shortcut; ctrl+ f. Control invokes the command find which is represented by the letter "f".

There are a couple of steps involved in the use of the shortcut ctrl+ f to look and find multiple values in the excel sheets. They are discussed below in detail.

Step 1

First of all, from your computer, laptop, or tablet open a blank excel sheet and key in the values as in the case below.


Step 2

Now that we have all our data values set in the previous step, the next step is now to use the function or rather the shortcut. As said earlier the function find in Microsoft office has a shortcut ctrl+ f.

We will now use the shortcut to find multiple values in the above excel sheet. To have this done, from your keyboard press on the CTRL button and letter F at the same time.

A window that resembles the one below will appear shortly.


Step 3

The third and final step is now finding the values you wish to find. In the Find what textbox type 20 and select the find all button to do the finding. A list of all the cells with the value of 20 will appear including their cell numbers. It should be something like the one below.