How to delete every other row in Excel

Data recording into excel sheets may involve all wanted and unwanted records. You find that when you gather and collect data, it may have unwanted content that is not essential in the excel sheet. An example of such data is the use of only even numbers.

Deleting is the act or the process of omitting the unwanted content from an excel sheet. This content may include rows, columns, and cells. This function or command is used on nearly all occasions because errors are made every time.

There may be a lot of situations that may lead to the deleting of rows or columns in an excel sheet. For example, you might need to keep data about odd weeks and transfer the other data of even weeks on another excel sheet.

For us to achieve a successful deleting of alternate rows in an excel sheet, we will need to follow some of the steps to lead us to what we want. Some of the steps include the ones below.


1. Create a new data set on an excel sheet, to have this done, open a blank or a new excel sheet, and insert or record some data into it. You can use my example below.

Assuming we have the following data and want to delete alternating rows

2. We need to create a helper column with values to differentiate every other row.

3. Enter the following formula in the first cell of the helper column=MOD(ROW(),2) Once you press enter it will give you a zero

4. Now drag the formula to the rest of the cells to mark every other row.

5. The next step is now to select the top row.

After you select the top row with the headers, select on filter and sort from the Home tab. Under sort and filter choose a filter and click on it.

6. The filter option will give drop-down filter arrows on the headers of the first row. Click on the drop-down filter arrow on the values header. Select the value to filter from the checkboxes and click ok to make the changes.

7. The changes will take effect immediately you click on ok, the new excel sheet will look like the one below.

8. Now that the ones are hidden select all the zeros and delete them.

9. Now you can unhide the hidden rows by clicking on the filter icon and ticking 1

Delete the helper column as you no longer need it