How to fix Excel keeps shutting down problem

Excel is undoubtedly a very useful and good application when it comes to editing and scripting documents. However, they say anything with advantages has corresponding disadvantages; the same applies when working with Excel. Locking up and shutting down unexpectedly is a major problem experienced by Excel users when working on their workbooks. The following factors may bring about this problem:

  1. Outdated ms excel (Not updated).
  2. Conflict with installed adds-in in excel
  3. Conflict from other running processes

This tutorial will discuss the various ways to curb and control the defect of shutting down excel. Below are some of the recommended methods to tackle the mentioned excel problem.

Install latest excel version

The frequent shutdown of your excel may be a result of an old feature. To eliminate this, check and install the latest version of excel, and this may help to fix the bugs and thus correct excel's shut down problem. Below are the steps to ease the procedure of updating Excel application:

1. Open and launch the excel application

2. Locate and click on the file located on the top leftmost side of the screen.

3. Then, select the "Excel's options" button. On the excel options screen, locate and click on the Resource button

4. Finally, click on check for updates and download and install the latest version of excel.

If the problem is yet not solved, try the next another method.

Removing faulty Add-ins

This method involves opening excel in safe mode. By opening the excel application in safe mode, the program can override the Adds-in features of excel. This method helps the users to check if the add-ins are working normally. To achieve this, follow these steps:

1. First, close Ms. Excel on your device.

2. Then, hold the Windows button and press R. On the pop-up box, type Excel/safe and press the "OK" button.

3. Try to access the excel file and open it. If still your application is experiencing this problem, proceed to the next step.

Check and remove faulty Add-ins which may be responsible for causing this problem.

4. Open excel in normal mode by double-clicking on excel's icon.

5. Locate and click on the file button located on the top leftmost side of the screen.

6. Then, select the "Excel's options" button. On the excel options screen, locate and click on the Add-ins button

7. Then, on the drop-down menu, choose COM Add-ins. And then, click the "Go" button.

8. By doing so, the Add-ins page opens. Uncheck all the boxes on this page to disable them. Finally, click the "OK" button to save changes.

9. Lastly, restart or close the application and open it again to check if the issue is resolved.

Starting Excel in Safe Mode

To prevent excel from shutting down, you need to enable Excel to function in a safe mode.

Where it’s important since;                                     

  • It is able Excel to function with specific features.
  • Excel functions without adding any Excel add-ins.


1. Long tap the Ctrl button when starting Excel

2. Press ’Windows +R’ and type excel.exe/safe.

3. Finally, tap the Enter button.

Eliminate Conditional Formatting Rules

This method is generally applicable to Excel where only one sheet is shutting down. The issue is sorted out by removing the Conditional Formatting Rules.


1. Go to the Home tab of your Excel sheet with the issue and select the Conditional Formatting option.

2. After that, choose the Clear Rules option, where you click on Clear Rules from the Entire Sheet option.

3. In case of any other sheets causing the problem, repeat the above steps.

4. Lastly, open a new folder and save it to maintain the initial sheet.

Disable MS Excel Animation

When you disable Microsoft Excel animation, you prevent it from an overload that needs more processing power causing an Excel crash.


1. Open Files and go to Excel Options.

2. After the options have emerged, click on the Advanced option.

3. Continue to look for Disable hardware graphics acceleration and tap Enter button.

Repair MS office

You can repair MS Office to fix Excel keeps shutting down by pressing Windows+R keys altogether and typing appwiz.cpl. Finish by clicking OK.


1. Go to the control panel, and open programs and features.

2. Right-click on Microsoft 365 and click on the Change option.

Eliminate Boot Windows to identify the Cause of the Crash

Eliminating boot windows is considered the best way to solve Excel that keeps shutting down.


1. Press Windows+R, then, type MSConfig

2. Click Enter

3. You will notice a System Configuration window will appear. Onto the window select the General option. Continue to click on the Selective startup option. Then, uncheck the load startup items.

4. Click OK.

5. Lastly, close any program on your computer and reboot it.

Eliminate Protected View of Excel


1. Open Files and select options.

2. Continue and select Trust Center followed by Center Settings.

3. Then, select Protected view and uncheck all the options you are provided with.

4. Finally, choose the file Block Settings and uncheck all the options given, then, tap OK.

Look for the presence of any Third-Party App that Can Hinder Excel from Opening

Third-party programs are the records and guidelines from Google. You need to download them and put them in Excel.

NOTE: Such third-party programs do not give the exact files needed.

Identify If Antivirus Conflicts with Microsoft Excel    

You should always make sure your antivirus is updated.

Sometimes antivirus may conflict with Excel, thus, you need to disable Antivirus and check if Excel is working properly.

In case Excel regains its normal functioning contact the Antivirus supplier and state your problem.

Eliminate Cell Formatting and Styles

Sometimes one sheet may not open because of a problem with Cell Formatting Styles.

 To control these, eliminate different cell formats with Microsoft support.