How to Fix the Arrow Keys Issue in Excel – Moving Pages Instead of Cells

Sometimes, the arrow keys in Excel can misbehave and fail to function as you want. For instance, you expect the arrow keys to go to the cell you have hit up, but the cursors fail to move completely. On most occasions, the worksheet page will always scroll while the cursor, on the other hand, looks stuck. This tutorial shows you how to fix such problems quickly.

Method 1: Disable the Scroll Lock with a Keyboard

Enabling scroll lock in excel means disabling the scrolling. You will find the scroll lock icon on the left and bottom of the status bar on any worksheet. To disable with the scroll lock key;

1. Find the numeric keypad on your keyboard.

The scroll lock key only works on devices that have a keypad.

2. Find the scroll lock key.

The scroll lock key is located in the control keys part of a device's keypad. It can be on the right of the function keys just above the arrow keys.

3. Press the key to disable the scroll lock

Most keyboards have a scroll lock light that will automatically turn off to show that it is inactive.

Method 2: Disable the scroll lock with the on-screen keyboard

Since some laptops and tablets do not have the scroll lock key, the on-screen keyboard can be helpful. To disable with the on-screen keyboard;

1. Look for the search bar on your device

2. Search "keyboard" in the search bar

On the tab that pops, click on the On-screen keyboard option, the keyboard will open. It will not take long to open.

3. Find the Scroll Lock

Scroll lock is abbreviated as (ScrLk) on the keyboard. Click on it once you locate it to be able to move the cursor freely in Excel.

Method 3: Disable Add-ins and Check

Disabling the scroll lock works perfectly for almost all devices. However, if the issue persists, there may be some troubleshoots like add-ins and checks. You can fix the issue by disabling third-party add-ins and checks as follows;

1. Open your Excel file

2. Go to the "File" tab

Click on options to open a dialogue box with the excel options on the File tab. Scroll down to the add-ins option.

3. Click on the Manage drop-down.

You will see the manage drop-down at the bottom of the add-ins dialog box. Scroll down to the tools in the description box.

4. Click on COM Add-ins

After locating COM Add-ins, click on "Go" on the left of the manage drop-down. Another dialogue box with COM Add-ins will open; disable all of them.

5. Click Ok

You can now close your Excel sheet and open it again to confirm if the arrow keys are working. Excel will fix anything to do with add-ins.

Method 4: Turn on the Sticky Keys

If you are still facing the issue after trying all the methods mentioned above, you can try turning on the sticky keys.

1. Start your computer

Right-click on "Start" and select "Run" on the menu. While it opens, search for the control panel in the search field.

2. Go to "View" in the control panel window.

On the same window, click on "View by" and select "Large icons." Next, select Ease of access center in the list that opens.

3. Go to "Explore all settings."

Select "make the keyboard easier to use" to adjust the settings automatically.

4. Check the box next to "Turn on sticky keys."

You will find the box to check to make it easier to type the section. This method will introduce shortcut keys in your system, which usually makes the arrow keys function.