How to Indent in Excel

There are different ways to indent in Excel. Microsoft Excel typically aligns numbers to the right and aligns text rings to the left in a cell. The contents in the cell can either be indented to the left or the right within the cell. There is the option of indenting these numbers and texts if they are too close to the border.

Using the Keyboard Shortcut

Use the following easy steps.

1. Select the cells you want to indent, and then press the following keys in succession.

2. To indent to the right, press ALT + H + 6

3. To indent to the left, press ALT +H + 5

Using the Ribbon Options

This option uses the mouse. Follow the simple steps below.

1. Select the cells in your spreadsheet that you want to indent.

2. Go to the Home Tab and click on the Alignment group.

3. Click on the indent icons, whether right or left

It indents the entire cell content meaning that all lines in your cell will be indented.

Using Individual Lines in the Same Cell

It is possible to indent only some of the cells in your spreadsheet and not others. However, this cannot be done using the indenting options that have been shown above. It is done manually by adding space characters just before lines that are to be indented. Use the following simple steps.

1. Select the cell you want to indent.

2. Use your mouse to double-click or press F2. It enables you to get into edit mode.

3. Position the cursor where you want to apply Indentation.

4. Type the space character that enables you to get the desired Indentation

In the same case, you can also use the following steps

5. Select the cells you want to indent

Turn on the Wrap Text by using the instructions below

1. Position the cursor on the desired cell in the worksheet

2. Type the text you desire. Press on Alt +Enter to go to a new line

3. Use the space bar to insert space to indent individual lines.

It is important to note that formatting may change if you resize the cell when indenting individual lines of a cell.

When using the Increase Indent Button

Follow the following simple steps

1. Type in your text into your worksheet

2. Select the cells that you want to indent. Ensure that the cursor is constant and not blinking

3. Go to Home Tab.

4. Choose Alignment Group and click on Increase Indent

5. You can decrease the Indentation if you go too far by clicking on Decrease Indent

When using the Wrap Text Option

This option is useful when your text entry is far beyond the right edge of the cell in your worksheet. Use the following simple steps in this case.

1. Select the cells you want to indent

2. Go to the Home Tab

3. Click on the Alignment group and choose the Wrap Text