How to freeze 3 Rows in Excel

Row headings are very useful when working on your spreadsheet. You can quickly look at it while working to know the data that are contained in each row. Imagine if you are working on a file that contains large data. You will still be down, and you may not be able to view the row header again. Scrolling up to check can be very cumbersome, and you will waste lots of time. You can scale through this challenge by freezing the top rows to view them even when you scroll down. The frozen rows will remain fixed and move as you move.

The "freeze a pane' option on excel will assist you in this task. Here is a tutorial on how to freeze three rows on your excel worksheet.

Freezing of three rows on Excel spreadsheet

This guide will show you a step-by-step approach to freezing the top 3 rows in Excel. It follows the same format as our previous article on "How to freeze columns on excel.

This tutorial is workable for any number, but in this tutorial, we will focus on the top three rows.

1. Check the left-hand side of the excel spreadsheet. You will find the row numbers. Locate the row below the last row that you wish to freeze. We want to freeze the three rows at the top of the sheet; hence, you should click on the fourth row.

2. Check the top of the spreadsheet and click View.

3. Locate the navigational ribbon. When you find it, check for the "Freeze panes button" and click on it. Go through the drop-down menu and click the "Freeze panes option."

4. The first three rows will freeze

Use the excel split option.

Ensure that you have the data you need to work on. If that’s not the case, you can open a blank page on a new excel sheet and insert the data.

After having the data in place, select the rows you need to freeze. Note that you click on the third row if you have to freeze the first two rows. 

It helps to split the excel worksheet into two that have a right and left dataset to separate information. Follow the following steps:

1. Select the third row

2. Proceed to the View bar, then Split

After this process, the dataset will be displayed in the spreadsheet's left and right format.

3. The menu bar and click on View

4. Once you have found the view, click on the Freeze Panes as seen herein earlier.

Use the magic freeze button in excel.

You should first add the Magic Freeze button from the quick access toolbar. Follow the following steps.

1. On your spreadsheet, press File and locate Options at the bottom.

2. From the pop-up Excel Options window, click on Customize Quick Access.

3. Check the small box below that says Show Quick Access Tool Bar Below The Ribbon. Click OK

4. Now, find the Customize Quick Access toolbar just below the ribbon and select More Commands.

5. Select Freeze Panes from the excel options that will pop up. You will find this under Popular Commands.

6. Proceed to choose to Add>> icon and press OK.

After this, Magic Freeze will be added to the Quick Access toolbar.

7. Follow the initial process by clicking Row 3, then Freeze Panes from Magic Freeze panes.

The VBA method

It is a quick and effective method. Follow the following steps.

1. Highlight at least two rows from the worksheet. Right-click the name of the sheet at the bottom of the screen. Click on the View Code. It will bring out the VBA window.

2. Type the provided code in the module and run it by pressing the F5 or a run section.

3. You can freeze rows and two columns simultaneously. You might need to freeze rows and columns at the same time. 

4. Find any cell you would like to freeze, i.e. cell C5

5. Go to the View button and Freeze Panes> Freeze Panes, after which a grey line shows that the freezing has been done.

How to unfreeze columns in excel?

Go to the frozen worksheet, click on the View icon, then Freeze Panes and select Unfreeze panes.

That is all there is about freezing three rows on excel. If you have done it well, a thick and slightly darker line will show below the last frozen row.

Please note that you can only freeze the top rows or columns. The freezing operation does not work for the middle and bottom rows. However, you can keep a section of the spreadsheet visible by using the split option.