How to freeze column A and B in Excel

It may be difficult to compare information on various columns and rows when working with massive data in the workbook.

Excel has several tools to meant to ease viewing different content on the workbook screen. Excel provides its users with the ability to freeze both the columns and rows. When it's done correctly, the chosen panes within Excel's freeze panes are locked in place. That means whenever you freeze any column on the workbook, Microsoft Excel keeps that specific column visible when you scroll in the worksheet. Excel also doesn't limit the user on the number of columns one can freeze. Besides allowing you to compare different columns on a long spreadsheet, the freeze panes feature lets you keep important information always in view.

In this article, we shall learn how to freeze columns A and B using the Freeze panes feature of excel.

1. Open the excel worksheet

Once you've launched the excel application, open the blank workbook. This is achieved by clicking the File tab located on the top left corner of the screen. Then, click the Blank workbook, to open the new workbook.

2. Click on the third column

When freezing column(s) in excel, the next column from the one to be locked is selected, and then the freeze panes feature is applied. Since, in our case, we only want to freeze the first two columns, that is, "A" and "B," we will have to click on the third column named C. On clicking on this column, excel can identify the columns to be locked.

3. Click the View tab button

Once you've selected the third column, locate and click on the view tab found on the ribbon bar.

4. Tap the freeze panes button

Below the View tab, locate the Window section. Then, tap the Freeze Panes button. On the drop-down menu, various freeze panes features can be used to freeze the document. Since we want to freeze the selected columns, thus select freeze panes from the drop-down menu. By doing so, the columns are automatically frozen.

5. Frozen columns

That's all that is required. The frozen column will be separated from other columns by a gray line that runs downwards. The columns located on the left side of the line represent the frozen columns, whereas those found on the right side are not frozen.

Use Excel Split Option.

This method enables one to divide the worksheet into two after the first two columns. It enables you to scroll right or left.

1. Select column C

2. Highlight the column then right-click and click View on the flow-down table.

3. Use the Split option and the worksheet will be split after the first two columns. You will be able to see separate scroll areas on the worksheet.

Magic Excel Freeze Button.

1. Locate the Customize Quick Access Toolbar on the ribbon. It is a small arrow either below or above. 

2. Right-click on the Customize Quick Access Toolbar. Choose More Commands.

3. Choose the Freeze Panes command on the popular commands option on the Excel Options window that will appear.

4. Click ADD then OK.

It will add the magic freeze button on the Quick Access Toolbar. After the magic freeze button has been added, follow the following steps:

5. Choose column C

6. Go to the Magic Freeze Button on the upper tab and Freeze Panes. The grey line will appear on the third column thus freezing the first two columns.

Using VBA.

VBA is very common. Follow the following steps:

1. Open the worksheet you want to freeze the columns.

2. Right-click on the files sheet name you want to freeze and click View Code. It will bring up the VBA window.

3. Click this code in the module ()

4. Click Run or F5 to run the code.

How to unfreeze column in excel

Follow this step-by-step process:

1. Open the worksheet with frozen columns

2. Go to the View tab on the sheet, click Freeze Panes then Unfreeze Panes.