How to insert checkbox in Excel

The checkbox is a common soft tool that is usually found on web pages and forms.

On excel and in other web forms, the checkbox is very efficient for selecting and deselecting options. It forms the building blocks of dashboards, dynamic charts, and checklists on excel.

In Excel, a checkbox is an interactive tool that can be used to select or deselect an option. You must have seen it in many web forms available online. You are reading the right post if you wish to know how to insert the checkbox in excel.

The first step in inserting the checkbox is for you to enable the developer tab on your excel. But you may not find the developer tab on your Excel ribbon. Don't be perturbed if you can't find it because I'm going to guide you on how to activate the Developer tab on your Excel ribbon. You must make the developer tab visible, as the checkbox control is embedded there.

How to make the developer tab on excel visible

1. Move your cursor to the excel ribbon. Place it on any of the tabs and right-click.

2. Several options will show up on the dropdown. Select "customize the ribbon".

3. A dialogue box containing excel options will show up.

4. You will see "Customize the Ribbon options."

5. Hover your cursor on the tab of the main pane; options will show up on the right, "check the option for the developer."

6. Then click, OK. Check the Excel ribbon, and you will see the developer tab as one of the options on the excel ribbon.

Now that you have succeeded in making the developer tab visible, we can proceed to insert the checkbox in the excel worksheet.

Step by step guide on how to insert checkbox in excel worksheet

1. Move your cursor to the "Developer Tab" and click it.

2. Check the options that open up and select "controls". Proceed by clicking the options as follows "insert" > "Form controls" > "check box."

You have succeeded in selecting the checkmark under the "form controls." It is time to insert the checkbox on the worksheet.

You will insert the checkbox by clicking the worksheet. Hover your cursor on the worksheet and click on it anywhere.

You have succeeded in inserting the checkbox on the worksheet, but at this point, it is practically useless. You have to link it to a cell for it to be useful.

How to link the checkbox to a cell

1. Right-click on the checkbox and move the cursor to "format controls."

2. Click it

3. A menu will pop out; select the "control" option on the top of the menu, and display a few options. Move your cursor to "cell link" and click.

4. Now select the cell that you wish to link the checkbox to. For this tutorial, we select cell A1.

5. Move the cursor and click on the "cell link" option, then click "OK."

Your cell is now linked to your checkbox. If you check it, it will show "true" on the cell, but if you uncheck it, it shows "false" in the cell.

That's it! Very straightforward, right? I hope this tutorial was comprehensive enough for your understanding. Thanks for reading. Kindly share it with friends!