How to match 3 columns into 2 different sheets

There are many ways we can do this, but it depends on the data structure and what the user wants as the final output. The spreadsheet can be complex by having more than one column or having only one column. For a simple data set, we can use basic options. Use matches Formula =MATCH(A2,$E$2:$E$7,0) That's comparing two columns I will show you in the image.

1. Use Abblebits Extension. Download and install the Abblebits extension

2. Assuming we have the following set of data in one sheet

3. And the following data in another sheet. As you can see the retail prices have changed

4. Click on the Abblebits tab and click on the compare sheets

5. Choose the main sheet and the one you would like to compare

6. All the differences will be highlighted in green

IT can work for many worksheets, but people use some add-ons to auto-complete their formulas. Some ads enable them to reuse the Formula in the future automatically that favors people who work with this kind of work every day.