How to quickly delete empty rows in Excel

Using the excel sheets to record data does not necessarily mean that all the rows or columns must have data in them. At times we may fail to collect data from the field and so on that particular day the cells will be empty or blank.

It will be the viewers' will to either keep the empty rows or delete them permanently. If the data is recorded based on the time that is the days, then deleting the blank rows will confuse the data but if there is no track of time, you can erase the blank rows.

Deleting the blank rows makes the excel sheet look more presentable without blanks in it. In the case where you have many empty rows, you can erase them at a go rather than deleting row after a row.

The following are some of the steps and ways to delete the rows that contain data in them.

They include;

Step 1

In case you have already the excel sheet you wish to delete the empty rows, the first thing will be to open the excel sheet. For those who do not have the excel sheet to work on, you can create with just a few clicks. Open a blank excel sheet from your computer and record information like the one below.

Step 2

In the above example, numerous rows are blank; we need to get rid of them. Highlight the whole data set. Under the Home tab go to the Find and select, click on it. A list of options will appear, select on go to special. A pop-up window will appear select on blank from a radio button option.


Step 3

All the rows with the blank spaces will be selected once you click on ok as in the case below

Step 4
The final step is now to delete the selected blank or empty cells to leave our excel sheet without blank spaces or empty rows. On the Home tab, find the delete command and click on it.