How to rotate text in Excel 90 degrees

Changing how data appears is sometimes necessary may by tilting text to certain angles or changing its alignment in excel. In excel 2007 you may use the orientation button on the home tab to rotate data cells. This can either be clockwise, counterclockwise or even vertical. You also are provided with a more precise orientation by putting the degrees required in rotation in different Excel versions. Below are some simple steps to follow when rotating text to 90 degrees.

How to rotate text 90 degrees in excel 2007

To rotate cell data, follow these steps:

1. In your excel worksheet select the range of cells you want to rotate.

2. On the page layout tab click, on the Alignment group, click the orientation button.

3. A catalog of options will appear.

Angle counterclockwise– the text in the cell will be angled from bottom left to top right.

Angle Clockwise– the selected range will be angled from top left to bottom right.

Vertical text– this will center the text placing one text on top of the other

Rotate Text Up– the text on the lower right side of the cell is put to run vertically upwards.

Rotate text down– the text on the lower side of the selected range is oriented to run vertically downward.

4. Select the desired option from the catalog.

5. To set specifically the degree that the text should rotate. In the bottom right corner of the Alignment group on the home tab, click on the alignment dialogue box launcher. Use the spin box to adjust the text to the degrees of rotation you want (from –90 to +90 degrees) and click OK once done.

If you have a spreadsheet with several columns and the text in the column headers (not the lettered column headings) is longer than the text in the columns, you may wish to rotate the text in the headings so the columns become narrower.

How to rotate text 90 degrees in excel 2013

Using Excel 2013 the orientation feature can also be used. It will give you an allowance of more space to fit more columns of data in a smaller area. To rotate the text in cells;

1. Select the range of cells that contain the text you want to rotate. Ensure the home tab is activated.

2. Select the orientation button found in the alignment section on the home tab.

3. Choose an option to rotate the text. The direction of rotation is shown by the icon to the left of the option.

How to rotate Excel 90 degrees for Macro

1. Select the range of cells with the text you want to rotate.

2. In the lower-right corner click on the "Alignment settings" button on the home tab section.

How to Rotate a Text 90 degrees in Excel

1. Open the workbook you are working in.

2. Select the range of cells that you want to rotate.

3. Right-click on the selected cells and then choose the format cell option.

4. A format cell window will pop up, choose the number of degrees in our case 90 degrees, to rotate the text.

5. The changes will appear on the selected text.