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How to get rid of dotted lines in Excel

If you are a regular excel user, you should know how important it is to maintain a clean and well-arranged spreadsheet clean. It doesn't matter whether your documents are for personal use or official. The chances are that the dotted lines are unappealing to the eyes and can mess out of your work. Removing the dotted lines from your excel spreadsheet is a very straightforward task. It only takes a few steps:

Cells and groups of cells are usually merged as one on excel, but it is not impossible to change the style of the borders.

You can quickly do that by clicking on the Home tab by the top of the excel window. Proceed by selecting the dropdown menu of the borders. The drop-down contains various options, and from there, you can change from dotted lines to borderlines. You can even decide to do away with the borders.

You should also notice that excel shows the grid and borderlines by default. I mean, the lines around your cells and columns. You can decide to remove those lines if you want your work to be devoid of lines or dots.

1. Select your data and check the top menu bar and click the "view tab."

2. Take a look at the gridline box and untick the checkmark

Page break is the major cause of strange dotted lines on your spreadsheet.

3. You can remove the page break by selecting the cell and row that follows it immediately.


4. Go to the top menu and click the "page layout tab."

5. Locate the page setup group and select "break."

6. A dropdown menu will open. Check the dropdown menu; you will see an option to rove page break.

7. You do this immediately; your spreadsheet will be devoid of the dotted lines and will look cleaner than ever before.











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