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How to use Excel like a Database

Excel is the best tool to use for database analysis. It refers to a combination of rows and columns, and these rows and columns are used for storing our data as records. The excel rows and columns are further divided into smaller cells where the record data is inputted. Excel records can be converted into a table to form an excel database, and this makes the life of a regular excel user easier.

When creating an excel database, you need to carefully design the excel worksheet to have proper info in the database format.

1. Open the excel worksheet

Before accessing any feature on excel, you have to launch an excel application and create a new worksheet where you will add your data. Click on the excel option and tap the "New" button.

2. Entering the data

When entering the data in the worksheet, each cell is used to input each data of the database. Firstly, label the heading properly of your data.


the headers of the data table are clear, you can start entering data on the cells below the respective column headings. However, carefulness should be observed when entering data to ensure you don't leave a single row empty. Similarly, you cannot have an empty column between the data. Therefore, fill in the data carefully.

3. Select the inputted data

Once all the data is inputted, highlight all the cells that contain the information to be converted to a database. Click the left mouse at the beginning of the data and then scroll down until all the required data are highlighted.

4. Click the "Insert" button

On the ribbon bar, locate and click on the insert button. Then, click the table button located on the leftmost side of the insert section. Alternatively, you can use excel's shortcut to access the table feature. By selecting the data and then pressing Ctrl+T.

Here you need to make sure the header check box is checked and the data range shown selected properly. If the table header is not checked, you can activate it by clicking on the small box located on the left. Once everything is completely set, click the "ok" button.

5. Customize the database table

Since we've created a table, we have the database ready now, and it can be used for further references. When you enter the data after the last column, it will expand automatically. Excel is fitted with features that enable users to edit and make the table more appealing. These features are found under the table design tab. For example, if you wish to give your table a proper name, click the Table name tab on the Design tab, edit it and input the proper name of your table and then save by clicking anywhere on the worksheet screen.

Go ahead and click the excel tools button, and then click the save button to save your database.