How to change the range of an Excel Graph

Graphs have proved to be the best tools for visualizing the dataset. Creating a chart from a given dataset is one of the most straightforward tasks in Excel. However, you may need to change the range of the chart's dataset after you have created the graph. Excel allows users to customize and change the range of an Excel Graph. To new users, the task may be challenging as numerous workarounds need to be followed. This article will guide you on the ways of altering and customizing graphs.

To change the range of a Chart

Below are the steps to follow:

1. Open the Excel application.

2. Open the Workbook that contains the worksheet with your dataset. Add your dataset to the sheet if you're using a new workbook.

3. Highlight the dataset you wish to convert to a graph. Then, click the Insert tab on the Ribbon.

4. In the Chart column, click the Insert Column drop-down button. From the menu, choose any 2-D chart that fits your dataset.

5. The selected chart will be inserted into the active sheet. Now, let us go ahead and change the range of the graph. To do so, let us create another dataset column that will replace the existing range.

6. Double-click on the Chart Title section and add the title of your chart. Then, right-click on the insert chart. From the menu, choose the Select Data button.

7. On clicking, a Select Data Source dialogue box will open. Click on the range you want to change. Then, click the Edit button on the box.

8. In the Series Name section, edit the existing details. Then, click on the column title containing your new range add.

9. In the Series Values section, edit the existing details. Then, highlight the values with the new range. Finally, click the OK button to save changes. That's all you need to change a chart's range.'

To create an auto-changing chart range

An Auto-update chart is a chart that automatically updates when its chart range is altered. Below are steps to follow when creating an auto-update chart:

1. Open the Excel application.

2. Enter the dataset you wish to convert to a chart.

3. Highlight the dataset. To highlight your dataset, left-click the mouse, move the cursor, and select the region with the dataset.

4. Click on the Insert tab on the Ribbon, and locate the Tables section. Under this section, click on the Table button. The selected dataset will automatically be converted to a table. Now, let us create a chart from the table.

5. Select the entire table, and click the Insert tab. In the Charts section, click on any chart that fits your dataset (In our case, let us use the line graph). That is all you need.

6. Now, try adding or deleting values in the dataset table.