How to convert Excel to Word

Excel does not contain a feature that enables one to convert an excel file into a Word file and on the other hand, Word cannot directly open an excel file. This may be a hindrance since conversion is not done directly. This article gives various ways and a step to step guide on how to convert.

Convert Excel to Word by Copy Pasting

The easiest and most direct way to convert excel is to copy the worksheet content in excel and paste them into a Word document.

1. In your file open the excel worksheet you want and select the range you want to convert. If you want the whole worksheet press Ctrl + A, then to copy press Ctrl + C.

2. Open the word document you intend to put your Excel work. In this document place, the cursor on the page and press Ctrl + V or right-click to open the context menu, and on it choose the paste type you need.

Convert Excel to word by the option of inserting as an object

Inserting excel as an object is another easy and quick way of converting an Excel worksheet to a document. With this, you need not open excel. This feature has the capacity of inserting one worksheet at a time. This will be the last active worksheet when excel was closed.

1. On your word document go to insert the object dialog on the near left of the taskbar.

2. Under the tab Create from file, click browse to select the workbook you want to insert from the browser dialog.

3. Click insert then ok to finish the operation.


How to convert excel to word for free online

This will require an internet connection. This process will be taking the excel file, turning it into a pdf then to a word file.

1. Open your browser and go to an all-in-one document converter.

2. Upload the excel document you want to convert to this site and convert it to PDF.

3. Once this is done hit the option "to Word" on the next page.

4. And boom it's done. Click to download the Word file.

How to convert excel to word offline

Excel can be converted to word offline using a desktop application partially. Most of the process will be done locally which will be an advantage when dealing with a voluminous amount of data to be converted. While the server uses SSL encryption to handle documents in a secure environment, using the offline option nullifies all security-related worries as the file is not uploaded when converting from pdf to word.

The first phase of converting excel to pdf will be done online. Alternatively to have an entire offline conversion you can save excel as pdf from Microsoft office excel before turning it into your desired word document. Offline conversion is done as follows;

1. Open your browser and download the Smallpdf Desktop app.

2. Run it on your computer and once it's done open the app.

3. To convert the excel file to pdf, Click on "Office to Pdf"

4. Next, Click the option PDF to office and drag and drop the converted file in the app.

5. Select your desired output as Word to convert Excel to word.

Unfortunately, the software offers only a two weeks free trial for you to Sample its capabilities.