How to switch to Excel 64 bit

Switching to excel 64 bit may be necessary since 64-bit window versions have more resources like memory and high processing power as compared to the 32bit. Therefore, in a case where you have large files or you are working on large data sets and your computer supports 64 bit on windows.

Changing your excel to 64-bit will be a wise choice when:

  • The data you are working with is a very large excel workbook for a large enterprise-scale containing complex numeric, Power pivot, 3D Map, Power view connection of data to an external database or Get and transform. Having the office 64-bit version may be a great deal in performing such cases.
  • Handling extremely pictures, clips, or animations in PowerPoint may not work effectively in 34-bit and you might be prompted to switch office 64-bit which maybe suited in a better way to handle the complex slide decks.
  • When you are handling files over 2GB, especially in a project with many sub-projects in it.
  • Add-ins or document-level solutions developed in in-house office solutions might work best in office 64 bit. These solutions may be delivered better when developed in 64 bits version than those in the 32-bit. Office 2016, 64 bit is recommended for in-house office solution developers since it can test and update the solutions.
  • You are dealing with the Large Number data type in Access, and while this data type is supported by 32-bit Access, you may get unexpected results when executing code or expressions that require native 32-bit VBA libraries. The Long data type is available in 64-bit VBA and fully supports big values. For additional information, see Using the Large Number data type.

Procedure on how to switch the 64-bit version of Office 365

By default, office 365 is installed as a 32-bit program on your windows pc. Office 365 32-bit version is recommended on Microsoft even when the system you have is 64-bit, to avoid issues of compatibility with third-party add-ons. Despite the fact, there are cases where a 64-bit version may be appropriate as seen in the above cases. To install the 64-bit version follow these simple steps; These steps requires an internet connection.


1. On your PC open your browser and go to

2. Here, log in your Microsoft account details.

3. Once you are in Click on My Account

4. Under the Available Installs section, select the link "language and install options."


5. Click on the link "Additional install options"

6. Select 64-bit on the version drop-down box, then click the install button.

7. Once the download is completely downloaded, run the setup to complete the installation.

Once this is done you will have your excel 64-bit. You need to know that you cannot have both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of office installed at the same time on the same computer. To switch to 32-bit you will have to uninstall the 32 bit before installing the 64-bit version.

Although either version of 64-bit or 32-bit delivers the same features, upgrading to Excel 64-bit version will enable the device to take advantage of large memory a high processing power which gives you The ability to run very large like excel workbook with a great deal in performing experience.