In Excel, How to AUTOFIT text to rows/columns

Any excel user already knows the application has a certain column width and row height by default. Also, when you try entering any data that exceeds the provided size, it spills out of the cell. Under such circumstances, you can adjust the rows and columns to fit the text within the cell. You can achieve this by using Excel's AutoFit feature.

The AutoFit feature in Excel also helps you avoid manually dragging and adjusting the rows and columns' width and height.

In our guide below, we discuss the different methods and steps taken when outfitting texts within the rows and columns of excel. Here we go.

How to AutoFit in Excel using the mouse double-click method

1. In your worksheet, hover the cursor at the right edge of the column header.

2. Doing this, you will notice the cursor changes to a double-sided arrow bold icon.

3. Double click the left key of your trackpad or mouse.

You will notice that your column width has changed automatically and adjusted all cells to accommodate all the text within the cells. This method expands the column width to adjust the cell that needs the maximum width (cell with overflowing text).

If you want to adjust multiple columns and not specific cells, select all the columns that need to be auto-fitted and then follow the steps above.

To AutoFit a single row, hover the cursor on the border of the row header that needs adjusting. A black double-pointed arrow will appear after doing so. Double click your mouse to AutoFit the row.

How to AutoFit in Excel using the AutoFit option in Excel

You can autofit columns and rows in Excel using the AutoFit feature in the main menu ribbon by following the steps below;

1. Select the row or column you need to auto-fit.

2. Click on the Home tab.

3. In the Cells group, click on the 'Format' option drop-down arrow.

4. On the displayed additional options, click on the option, 'AutoFit Column Width.' If you need to adjust your row, click on the option, 'AutoFit Row Height.'

Clicking on either of these options will instantly expand your column or row to adjust the text in the cells.

How to AutoFit in Excel using a keyboard shortcut

Excel shortcuts are one of the easiest ways to perform prompt commands. You can use the keyboard shortcuts below to auto fit your cells

Use this shortcut to Autofill the column width of your worksheet:

ALT + H + O + I

Use this shortcut to Autofill the row height:

ALT + H + O + A

Here are the steps to follow to achieve this:

1. Open your Excel file.

2. Select the row or column that you want to auto-fit.

3. Use your keyboard shortcuts.

Sometimes all the above methods may refuse to work. Below are some of the reasons this may be the case;

Where you have merged cells- Auto fit refuses to work in such cases, and you may need to set your row and height column, and width manually.

You will need to manually resize your rows and columns where you have applied wrap text.