How to Insert Multiple Rows In Excel using VBA

How to Insert Multiple Rows In Excel With Formula

Excel comes with much excellent inbuilt functionality that leads to automation of activities. This is actually one of the advantages of spreadsheets. Inserting many multiple rows at once in excel can now be done in a single click without actually inserting the rows one by one with the help of VBA codes and formulas. Inserting

How to Remove Duplicates in Excel Using Vlookup

Remove Blank Rows In Excel

Excel is an electronic tool that offers ease in managing numeric data. This large data contains collections of columns that essentially add up to make up rows. The data can be so large such that looking for duplicates can become very tiresome and inefficient. An excel document that has repeated records which are not distinct

How To Remove Blank Rows In Excel

Remove Blank Rows In Excel

Excel is one of the major spreadsheet programs or suites offered by Microsoft that has received a warm welcome from all fields and sectors. Spreadsheets are application programs that enable users to store, retrieve, and manipulate numeric and alphanumeric data sets. If you have a few empty rows in excel, this is usually very easy

How to remove duplicate rows based on one column

How to remove duplicate rows based on one column

Analysis of huge amounts of data is very crucial. Humans have long been in the process of devising newer ways that are more efficient to manipulate data. It all started with manual spreadsheets in the early years before the total availability of computers everywhere. Spreadsheets are therefore designed to specifically offer data manipulations and storage

How to use conditional formatting in decorating pivot tables

pivot table

Formatting cells to be different from other cells makes them to stand out and get noticed. Conditional formatting enables you to create rules that automatically change the cells formatting based on classified criteria or value of the cells. Adding conditional formatting to your pivot table makes them look more attractive and have the "wow" factor.

Excel Formula to Sumif between Two Dates

Excel sum dates

SUMIF excel function is used to sum values between a different date range. The cells values are added based on specific criteria or a set of conditions. SUMIF function is used to sum values on a single criterion. Syntax =SUMIF (range, criteria, [sum_range]) The range is the number of cells evaluated based on criteria required.