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How to recover permanently deleted Excel files

At times a Microsoft excel user may permanently delete their excel file; after all, accidents happen from time to time. It may happen accidentally or unknowingly. Losing important Excel data, which you have painfully perfected and spent lots of hours on, can be a hard pain to swallow literally. There comes a time when one may still need to use the deleted File, seeking ways to recover the data. How will I recover this data when it is permanently deleted? It is a good question asked by many. We all know when we consider the permanent factor; it means the File is lost never to be recovered. But, this is not the case in Excel. Most times, deleted files end up in the Recycle bin on your computer. In case you empty your Recycle bin, you can still access your deleted File. It is possible as these files always remain in the exact location they were deleted from but become inaccessible. Note that this option is only offered temporarily by windows, as any new data added will automatically overwrite the older files, and your data is lost forever.

In the article below, we inform you about the different ways of recovering your permanently deleted excel file. Here we go.

Method 1: recover your data from Recycle Bin

1. On your computer, double click on the Recycle bin icon to open it. The icon is available on the desktop screen.

2. from the different deleted data, locate your exact lost excel file. You can use the search to find your File.

3. Right-click on the File and choose the Restore option. The Recycle bin will automatically restore this File to the initial location it was stored.

Method 2: how to recover excel files, not in the recycle bin but are in Backups

1. On your computer, locate the location and folder that used to contain the excel file.

2. Right-click and choose the option Properties to display a dialog box.

3. On the display box, click on the second tab, 'Previous Versions'

4. Choose the correct version of your deleted File and click Restore to retrieve the excel file.

How to recover from Backup

1. On your computer, access the taskbar's search box and type in restore File.'

2. Select Restore your files with File History.

3. Locate the File you want to recover. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to see the available versions.

4. Select Restore to recover the File to its original location. You can also select Restore if you want to choose a different place to store the File.

When an Excel file is not saved

1. On your open excel workbook, click on the File menu tab.

2. From the list, select Info and choose the option 'Manage Document.'

3. From the drop-down arrow, select Recover Unsaved Workbooks in Excel.

4. Select the excel file and choose Open.

5. Select the Restore option. After clicking this tab, select the Save As an option to save your File.

Use the command prompt.

When you use the command prompt, it helps you display hidden folders that may contain your deleted files.

1. Open the cmd prompt on your computer.

2. Type chkdsk 'drive letter' /f and press the Enter key.

3. Press the Y key until the command line appears.

4. Type in the drive letter and hit Enter on your keyboard.

5. Enter the following command: drive letter: attrib – h -r –s/s/d *.*